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 "An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people."*

*Attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but no known written reference found.

Ever. Still one of my fave "quotes".

Here are books written by possible candidates for President in 2020.

We all have a lot of studying to do before then. Click on the flag.




To be released on March 12.

This is a book that will astonish you about how most design is

default for men and that there are real consequences for everyone because of it.

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To be released on March 26.

A first book by a courageous

woman who decided not to keep

quiet.  Click on the cover for more.

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To be released April 2. "The wounded feminine, the missing masculine, healed by a relationship with honeybees. An innocent child's hard won journey to adulthood--clear eyed, often very funny, and agonizingly compassionate. The Honey Bus is all these things and more--so if you've ever been a lonely child, or want the world to become a kinder place, here is your book." -- Laline Paull, author of The Bees"

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Full list of American Library Association Youth Media award honors and winners here.


Caldecott Winner 2019                      Newbery Winner 2019                     Printz Winner 2019


Coretta Scott King Author 2019      Coretta Scott King Illustrator 2019













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