You Need Books- Here are some deals!


Thank you for your orders during this amazing time we find ourselves in.

Many of the white fragility and anti-racism books that are being talked about are backordered, but rest assured that I watch the warehouse listing every day

so that I know when your books will ship.

Since I closed the store downtown I've been selling my last bit of inventory book by book. During this time though, I want them to be in the hands of people who need something to read, something to make, something to cook, or something to be entertained by. They're doing no good here with me.

So I've put together some packages, Grab Bags if you will, or what we called blind date with a book. In this case it's more than just one.

I will put together a collection for you and hopefully introduce you to some authors you may not have known before. What you get amounts to a half off sale! $25 per package.

The categories are listed below.  Click on the image to order.

In addition to that, I have a whole list of amazing cookbooks that are now hard to find, some have gone out of print in the last year, and most are just plain awesome. I've combined the list of cooking, baking, vegan, food writing, and coctails and put them all on sale at 50% off cover price. That's right, half off. Click the link to see the list. There are usually just one of each, and when they're gone, they're gone and I'll remove them from the list.

None of these can be combined with other orders, although they can be combined with each other. A cookbook, two mystery packages, hey- that's fine! The more the better!

No return on these so be sure you're okay with uncertainty.


**Update 6/20- I should have the rest of the orders shipped today. I've removed or noted any links that needed it. Thanks!  Luan**


4 Lesbian Fiction Books

For $25. Only 15 sets


Writers! Have I got books for

you! 4 random writing books

for $25. You know you always

want more......

Herbalife Discount | transformyourfigure

Cooking, Baking, Vegan, Cocktails,

and Food Writing. All half off!

This list only.

step by step drawing lesson on how to draw book (With images ...

Middle Grade Fiction, grade 4-6.

$50 in books for $25

Bookshare | An Accessible Online Library for people with print ...









Fiction for Adults

$50 worth of Books $25

Science Fiction Books on Display - FMS LMC * Fieldstone Middle ...

Sci Fi or Fantasy for Adults

4 Books $25


Activity Books for Kids

At least 4 Books for $25


Not Many Sets Left, Mostly Workbooks.


Cartoon Book clipart - Fantasy, Illustration, Book, transparent ...

Hardcover Picture Books For Kids  (and those who don't mind being mistaken for kids)

3 Books for $25

Poetry - Free education icons

Poetry For Adults

4+ Books for $25


Science, facts, figures, biographies,

and more!

$50 in books for $25

question mark clipart png PNG image with transparent background ...

The Ultimate Grab Bag

for Adults

How Adventurous Are You? $25



The Ultimate Grab Bag

for Kids

All We Need is An Age!  $25





Waterways, a new cd by Debbie Fier

This is beautiful, meditative music by one of

Oakland's finest musicians.

Click the cover to order.

First 10 will get an autographed copy!






Click the image for Judith Offer's new

collection of timely poems! Oakland