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Holiday Books

Of All Sorts

My uncle doesn't

really like to read.

My 85 year old

grandmother wants

a good story.

My 14 year old

son rarely reads.

My 4 year old is

quite gifted. Help!

My aunt is always

up to date with books.

What's REALLY new?

My people listen to

books in the car.

I want something

funny. Anything!

How can I cope

with the holidays?

What are some really

great cookbooks this


Does Santa

really exist?

Of course I need more

books about cars and

trucks and things that go.

What will run out by

Christmas so I should

get it now?

My kid loves science

and wants to blow things


Gifts for teachers.

Hardest working people


Any new sports books

for the sporty people

I love?

I love to read about

art and artists! What do

you have?

Someone loves to read

about famous people.

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