Paris for Two: Til death do we part (Paperback)

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As eighteen-year-olds Pina Mazzini and Katie McGuilvry speed ahead toward graduation from Albert Academy and the natural evolution of their relationship, Pina flees to Paris to escape the demands of moving on with her life and possibly away from Katie.

Pina's burning desire to hang on to Katie and the status quo traps her in the past along with Europe's seductive antiquities. Does she imagine the haunting return of Craney and her death threats? How toxic is her anxiety over getting on with her life?

Katie and old friends from Albert Academy, along with a cadre of quirky spiritual guides, join Pina on this psychologically thrilling voyage for answers throughout France, Germany, and Italy. Foremost on Pina's mind: Will her relationship with Katie survive her great escape? More importantly for all, will the eerie lure of Craney and the past swallow Pina up psychologically--or in her entirety?

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ISBN: 9781948232692
ISBN-10: 1948232693
Publisher: Sapphire Books Publishing
Publication Date: June 15th, 2019
Pages: 314
Language: English