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For seventeen-year-old Ashley St. Helens, senior year is an endless stressfest with no hope in sight. Since her parents' death, she's had to deal with her micro-managing step-monster and her two narcissist step-sisters, whose fashion fetishes just make Ashley feel worse about her oversized feet. With dirty dishes and stinky laundry piling up at home, it seems that the Universe has deemed her the real-life Cinderella, especially since popular Jeff Prince has forgotten she exists.

With help from her drag queen fairygodwhatever—and just the right shoes—Ashley finds her voice and fights back against the "perfect" materialistic life that traps her. But will her soulful transformation translate into the life she wants to have? Will she be able to escape to college, or will she have to give up on that dream?

Post-modern, colorful, and quirky, Kristen Caven paints a relatable picture of teenage insecurities that will inspire readers to spark new conversations with their families about responsibility and empathy, morality and wastefulness, life choices, cross-dressing, and best of all, cleaning the house. A must-read for anyone who loves vintage footwear!

This updated fourth edition includes bonus materials such as essays by the main characters and songs from the musical.

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ISBN-13: 9781950282500
Publisher: Uplift Press
Publication Date: June 17th, 2019