Perfectly Queer East Bay: Pride Zine Fest


Laurel Bookstore welcomes Perfectly Queer East Bay!




Guest curator Anand Vedawala presents four East Bay queer zine creators: Erin Stokes, Lawrence Lindell, Maira, and Nia King. Q+A and signing to follow. Free, tasty refreshments! Door prizes at 7pm.


About the Authors:


Nia King   is a queer, Black, Lebanese, Hungarian, Jewish journalist from Canton, Massachusetts (which is Wompanoag land). She has been living in Oakland (which is Ohlone land) for 10 years and writing zines for 14. She received a Best of the East Bay award in 2016 for her work documenting the lives of queer and trans artists of color on her podcast, We Want the Airwaves (which is available for free in iTunes).


Lawrence Lindell  is a cartoonist, musician and art educator from California. His work includes "Couldn't Afford Therapy, So I Made This," "From Black Boy With Love" Part I & II, "Hey, People of Color," the webcomic "The Section" and is currently working on a forthcoming auto biographical comic called "Both, and Then Some: Tales From the In-between." Lawrence makes comics and work for Black Women, Black People, People of Color, Queer Folks, Folks with Mental Health Issues and himself. He hopes his work brings some joy, light and relief to peoples lives.


Maira is a writer and zine maker born and raised in the Bay Area. Their work combines prose and poetry, fiction and memoir, to showcase their intersecting identities of queer, nonbinary, and mentally ill. In 2013, they began using zines as a medium through which to express their discomfort being shoved into a binary. Currently, they are using poetry to navigate their exploration of gender and its relationship to trauma. They love lime green, post-punk, and traveling.


Erin Stokes: Hi I’m Pussayfoot. I am a transgender queer artist living in Oakland, California. I illustrate, make zines, write & more. I tackle personal issues like depression, self love & identity. He/They pronouns.


Anand Vedawala writes stories in relation to cultural expectations, discrimination, racism, queerphobia, sexism and classism. Anand eventually wants to work on animated series, films and publish books which primarily focus on POC.



Event date: 
Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 7:00pm
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