Locally Sourced Authors and Illustrators

**This page is a work in progress. There will be links to all listed creators, but for now if there is no link, put their name in the search box for available books.**

The Bay Area is rich with creative energy and our cache of local authors bears that out. We'd like to introduce you to some of them.  The list seems to grow constantly as we discover new talent or meet new friends we didn't know were here!  Some of their books might be available only for store pick up or shipment.

* Signed copies available.  For signed copies please note in the comments section at check out that you want a signed copy. We'll do our best to accommodate your request.


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Name Genre Signed books available?
Achy Obejas Fiction, Translations x
Aida Salazar Middle Grade  
Alison Luterman Poetry x
Alison Moncreiff Poetry x
Amy Gutierrez Picture Book  
Andy Weiner Picture Book  
Annalee Allen   History  
Anne Lamott Life, Fict., Essays  
Armin Brott Fatherhood  
Ayelet Waldman Fiction, Memoir  
Barbara Artson Fiction  
Bethanie Murguia Children's  
Betty Reid Soskin Memoir  
Bonnie J Morris Lesfic, History  
Brooke Warner Fiction, Writing  
Bryant Terry Vegan Cookbook  
Carolina De Robertis Fiction  
Caroline Paul Memoir  
Cass Sellars Lesfic  
Cindy Derby Picture Book  
Colleen Patrick Goudreau Vegan Cookbook  
Constance Anderson Children's  
Daniel Alarcon Fiction  
Daniel Handler Fiction  
Daniel San Souci Picture Book  
Dashka Slater YA, Picture Book  
Dave Eggers Fiction, Children's  
David Gill SciFi  
Deborah Underwood Picture Book x
Diana Toledano Picture Book  
Elaine Elinson History  
Elisa Kleven  Picture Book  
Elizabeth Partridge YA  
Elizabeth Rosner Fiction, Psych  
Ellen Klages Fiction, GD4-6  
Emily Doskow Law x
Gail Tsukyama Fiction  
Gary Kamiya Local History  
Gene Anderson Oakland History x
Gillian Bagwell Historical Fiction  
Helen Zia History  
Hilary Zaid Fiction/LGBT  
Ilona Bray Law & Children's  
Ishmael Reed Current Events  
Jacqueline Luckett Fiction  
Jane B. Mason Children's  
Janet Dawson Mystery  
Jeanne Walker Harvey Picture Book  
Jerry Thompson Fiction  
Joe Kelly Fatherhood  
Joshua Braff Fiction  
Judith Offer Poetry  
Julie Bayless Picture Book x
Karin Kallmaker Lesbian Fiction  
Kate Jessica Raphael Mystery x
Kate Schatz Picture Book  
Katharine Davies Samway Education  
Kathleen Archambeau LGBT Nonfiction  
Kathryn Reiss Mystery, GD4-6  
Kymberlie Calkins Ingalls Mystery (editor)  
Laird Hamilton Sport (surfing)  
Lauren Mayeno Picture Book  
Laurie R King Mystery  
Lea Lyon Picture Book  
Linda Carucci Cooking  
Lisa Brown Fiction  
Lisa Schulman Young Adult  
Lise Pearlman Justice  
Lucy Jane Bledsoe Fiction  
Lynn Fulton Mystery  
Maggie Tokuda Hall Picture Book  
Maria van Lieshout  Picture Book  
Marissa Moss Picture/4-6, GN  
Mary Monroe Fiction  
Mary B Morrison Fiction  
Mary Roach Science  
Matt Weber Computer/Photos  
Maxine Hong Kingston CURR/ Poetry  
Meredith May Biography  
Michael Chabon Fiction  
Michael Genhart Picture Book x
Mike Jung Picture book x
Minal Hajratwala Travel, poetry  
Miriam Stahl Picture book, illus.  
Natasha Yim Picture Book  
Nina Gruener Gardening  
Nona Caspers fiction  
Novella Carpenter nonfiction  
Obi Kaufmann CA Nature  
Pamela S.Turner Young science  
Patricia Bracewell myst  
Paul Corman-Roberts poetry  
Paul Madonna Art  
Raina Telgemeier Graphic Novels  
Ralph Long Poetry  
Rebecca Solnit Current Events  
Rick May Graphic Novels  
Risa Nye Memoir  
Rita Sever workplace  
Robbi McCoy Lesfic  
Robert Stinnet History  
Sally Bolger Children's  
Sandra Feder Children's  
Sara St. Martin Lynn Women's History  
Sarah and Ian Hoffman Children's  
Sarah Hines Stephens Children's  
Shannon Phillips Picture/Poetry  
Sue Cox   Mystery  
Susan Dunlap Mystery  
Susan Szecsi Travel  
Teri Sloat Picture Book  
Terry Bisson SciFi  
Wayne Goodman History/Psych  
Wednesday Kirwan Children's  
Wendy McNaughton Illustrator  
Yiyun Li Fiction  
Zainab Khan Fiction